Can You Buy at IKEA and Pick Up Later?

Can you buy at IKEA and pick up later if you are not inclined to retrieve the purchased IKEA items immediately?

Can you buy at IKEA and pick up later

Yes, IKEA offers a service called “Click & Collect” that allows you to buy items online and then pick them up at a later time from a designated IKEA store.

Here’s how purchase and retrieve later generally works:

  • Visit the IKEA website or use their mobile app to browse and select the items you want to purchase.
  • Add the selected items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • During the checkout process, you will have the option to choose “Click & Collect” as the delivery method.
  • Select the IKEA store from which you would like to pick up your order. You can usually choose from available pickup locations near your area.
  • Complete the payment process and place your order.
  • After your order is processed and ready for pickup, you will receive a notification, usually via email or SMS, informing you that your items are ready.
  • Visit the designated IKEA store within the specified pickup timeframe (usually a few days) and proceed to the Click & Collect area or designated pickup point.
  • Provide your order confirmation or identification to the IKEA staff, who will assist you in retrieving your items.
  • Inspect the items and ensure everything is in order before leaving the store.

However, there may be a slight difference in the procedures for purchase and pickup in other regions.

Thus there is a need to reach out to the IKEA customer service agents in charge of buy and retrieve later in your region.

Can You Pick Up Later at IKEA?

Can You Pick Up Later at IKEA?

Yes, I can purchase and retrieve items later at IKEA. They offer a service called “Click & Collect” or “Order and Pickup.”

I simply browse and select my items online, choose the pickup option during checkout, select a convenient time slot, and complete the payment. Once my order is confirmed, I’ll receive instructions for pickup.

After those procedures, I will then proceed to the designated area at the selected time, provide my order details, and an IKEA staff member will assist me in retrieving and loading my items.

How Long Will IKEA Hold a Pickup Order?

Typically, IKEA stores hold pickup orders for a certain period of time to accommodate customers.

According to the company’s official website, pickup orders are held for you at the collection center for up to one week (7 days), starting from the time you get a message that your order is ready for collection.

However, the exact duration may depend on various factors, including the store’s policies, order volume, and availability of storage space.

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