What IKEA Desk Options Include Convenient Built-in Drawers?

IKEA desk with drawers or drawer-equipped IKEA desk is a storage desk with drawers manufactured and sold by IKEA for storage purposes.

ikea desk with drawers

A desk with drawers from IKEA typically features a work surface or tabletop for tasks such as studying, working, or using a computer, along with one or more drawers attached to the desk structure.

These drawers provide storage space for organizing office supplies, paperwork, or other items, allowing for a clutter-free workspace.

IKEA offers various desk models with different designs, sizes, and drawer configurations to suit different needs and preferences.

What is a Desk with Drawers Called?

A desk with drawers is commonly known as a “desk with built-in storage” or simply a “desk with drawers.”

It is designed to provide a functional workspace while also offering convenient storage options.

The drawer tables are typically incorporated into the design of the desk, providing compartments for organizing and storing various items such as stationery, documents, or personal belongings.

These drawer-integrated IKEA desks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to suit different needs and preferences.

They are widely used in offices, home offices, study rooms, and other settings where both workspace and storage are essential.


What are IKEA Desks with Drawers?

IKEA offers a variety of desk options with drawers that can help you stay organized and efficient in your workspace.

Here are a few popular IKEA desks with drawers:

1. IKEA Alex Desk

The IKEA Alex desk features two spacious drawers on one side, providing ample storage for office supplies, documents, and other essentials.

The desk has a clean and minimalist design, making it suitable for various decor styles.

2. IKEA Micke Desk

The Micke desk is a compact option that includes a single drawer and an open storage compartment.

It is perfect for smaller spaces or if you need a desk for a home office or study area.

3. IKEA Malm Desk

The Malm desk offers a sleek design with a built-in drawer unit.

It has a larger workspace and a drawer on either side, giving you plenty of storage for your belongings.

4. IKEA Hemnes Desk

The Hemnes desk combines traditional style with practicality.

It features two or three drawers, depending on the version you choose, and comes in different finishes to match your interior.

5. IKEA Linnmon/Alex Desk

This desk is a combination of the Linnmon tabletop and the Alex drawer unit.

The Linnmon/Alex desk offers a customizable solution with various tabletop sizes and drawer configurations, allowing you to create a desk that suits your specific needs.

These are just a few examples of IKEA desks with drawers. You can visit your nearest IKEA store to explore more options and find the desk that best fits your requirements and personal style.


Can You Customize IKEA Desks?

Can You Customize IKEA Desks?

Yes, it is possible to customize IKEA desks to some extent. IKEA offers a wide range of desk models and components that can be mixed and matched to create a customized desk solution that suits your needs and preferences.

Here are a few ways you can customize an IKEA desk:

1. Desk Configuration

IKEA often provides modular desk systems that allow you to choose different components and configurations.

You can select the desk surface, legs, drawers, and other accessories to create a desk setup that works best for you.

2. Surface Finishes

Some IKEA desk models come with different surface finishes, such as various colors or wood grains.

You can choose the one that matches your desired aesthetic or fits well with your existing furniture.

3. Add-on Accessories

IKEA offers various accessories that can be added to their desks to enhance functionality. \

These may include cable management solutions, desk organizers, monitor stands, lighting options, and more.

You can customize your desk by adding these accessories to improve organization and usability.

4. DIY Modifications

If you are handy and want to take customization further, you can also consider DIY modifications to your IKEA desk.

This could involve painting or staining the desk to a different color, adding a custom desk topper, attaching additional storage options, or even modifying the desk structure within certain limits.

While IKEA desks offer a degree of customization, it’s important to note that they have design limitations.

Major structural alterations may not be possible or may compromise the desk’s stability.

It’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when customizing an IKEA desk to ensure safety and longevity.

Can You Combine IKEA Desks?

Yes, it is possible to combine IKEA desks to create a larger workspace or a custom configuration. IKEA offers a range of desk models that can be easily customized and connected together.

Here are a few methods you can use to combine IKEA desks:

1. Adjacent Placement

You can place two or more IKEA desks side by side, aligning them next to each other to create a larger workspace.

This works well if you need a wider deck surface or if you want to create a shared workspace.

2. Corner Configuration

Another option is to place two desks perpendicular to each other to form an L-shaped or corner configuration.

This arrangement is useful for utilizing corner spaces and maximizing the available area.

3. Back-to-Back Setup

If you want a collaborative workspace where people can face each other, you can place two desks back-to-back.

This configuration allows for shared storage options and convenient communication.

4. Custom Assembly

Depending on the specific IKEA desk models you have, you may be able to disassemble and reassemble the components to create a custom configuration.

This method requires careful planning and understanding of the desk assembly instructions.


How Do I Organize My IKEA Desk?

How Do I Organize My IKEA Desk?

Organizing your IKEA desk can help create a clean and functional workspace. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Clear the Clutter: Begin by removing everything from your desk and sorting through the items. Determine what you need to keep and what can be discarded or stored elsewhere.

2. Categorize and prioritize: Group similar items together, such as office supplies, electronics, papers, and personal items. Prioritize the items you use most frequently for easy access.

3. Utilize Desk Organizers: IKEA offers a variety of desk organizers that can help you keep your belongings in order.

Consider using drawer dividers, desk trays, and pen holders to keep your supplies neatly arranged.

4. Cable Management: Tangled cables can be both unsightly and inconvenient.

Use cable management solutions, such as cable clips, cable sleeves, or cable boxes, to keep your cords organized and prevent them from tangling.

5. Optimize Storage Space:

If your IKEA desk has drawers or shelves, use them to store items you don’t need on the surface. Utilize small containers or organizers within the drawers to keep things separated and easily accessible.

6. Create a Filing System: If you have paperwork that needs to be organized, consider using folders, binders, or file holders to keep documents in order.

Label each category clearly to locate files quickly.

7. Personalize with Accessories: Add a personal touch to your desk by incorporating accessories like a desk lamp, small plants, or picture frames.

These items can make your workspace more inviting while still maintaining an organized environment.

8. Keep it Minimal: Avoid cluttering your desk with unnecessary items. Limit the number of decorations and keep only essential items within reach to maintain a clean and focused workspace.

How Much Does it Cost to Assemble IKEA Desk?

You can assemble an IKEA desk for $40. You can book the services of a desk-assembling expert online or in the store during shopping.

A reliable professional will do the assembling so that you can focus on your to-do list.

Of course, you can always decide to do it yourself since all IKEA products are designed for easy assembly, which saves money, too.


In conclusion, IKEA offers several desk options with convenient built-in drawers to help you stay organized and maximize your workspace.

One popular choice is the MICKE desk, which features a compact design with two drawers for storing stationery and other essentials.

The MALM desk is another great desk with incorporated drawers that can accommodate files and documents.

If you’re looking for a larger desk, the ALEX desk offers multiple drawers, including a file drawer, providing ample storage workspace.

For a sleek and minimalist design, the LINNMON/ALEX combination desk features a tabletop supported by ALEX drawers on each side, offering versatile storage options.

These IKEA workstations with drawers are affordable and are capable of offering users the highest comfort.

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