Is IKEA Planning to Discontinue the Pax Closet System?

The IKEA PAX closet system has been a popular and widely recognized product for many years. The customizable wardrobe solution has gained a significant customer base and has a reputation for its customizable and modular design.

ikea pax closet system

The PAX wardrobe offers a range of components and accessories, making it a versatile storage solution for different needs and preferences.

That being said, it’s worthy of note that IKEA is not discontinuing the modular closet organizer but certain items to make room for new designs or innovations. This will allow them to cater to evolving customer preferences and market demands.

Nonetheless, there is no official announcement from the IKEA website regarding the discontinuation of the PAX closet system.


Does IKEA Install PAX Closet?

Yes, IKEA offers installation services for their PAX closet systems. The PAX wardrobe series is a popular product line from IKEA, known for its customizable storage solutions.

While customers have the option to purchase and assemble the PAX closets themselves, IKEA recognizes that some individuals may prefer assistance with the installation process.

To cater to these needs, IKEA provides professional installation services for PAX closets. This service is usually offered at an additional cost and can be arranged at the time of purchase or through the IKEA website or customer service.

By opting for installation, customers can ensure that their PAX closets are properly assembled and securely fitted in their desired space.

The installation service typically includes the complete assembly of the PAX wardrobe, including the frames, doors, shelves, and accessories.

The service providers are trained by IKEA to ensure that the installation is done according to the brand’s standards and guidelines.

Is PAX Black Brown Being Discontinued?

Is PAX Black Brown Being Discontinued?

Yes, PAX Black Brown is being discontinued. This follows the company’s official statement on the discontinuation of the alternate colors but not the entire PAX series.

IKEA, the company behind the PAX wardrobe system, regularly updates its product offerings and discontinues certain items based on various factors such as customer demand, market trends, and internal considerations.

These decisions are typically announced by IKEA through official channels, including their website, catalog, or in-store notifications.

How Does IKEA PAX Work?

Ikea PAX is a versatile wardrobe system offered by the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA.

It allows you to customize your own wardrobe by combining different components to suit your storage needs and aesthetic preferences.

Here’s how IKEA PAX generally works:

1. Planning: Start by measuring the space where you want to install your wardrobe. Take note of the dimensions, ceiling height, and any obstacles such as doors or windows.

This will help you determine the size and configuration of your PAX wardrobe.

2. Components: The PAX system consists of several components that you can mix and match:

3. Frames: These are the main structures of the wardrobe and come in various heights, widths, and depths.

You can choose between single or double frames depending on your space and storage requirements.

4. Doors: PAX offers a wide range of door options, including hinged doors, sliding doors, and even glass doors. Select the door style that fits your design preferences.

5. Interiors: PAX provides numerous interior fittings like shelves, drawers, clothing rails, and accessories like shoe racks, pull-out trays, and baskets.

Customize the interior layout based on your storage needs and preferences.

6. Configuration: Use Ikea’s online PAX planner or visit an Ikea store to configure your wardrobe system.

The planner allows you to experiment with different combinations of frames, doors, and interior fittings to create a virtual representation of your PAX wardrobe.

It provides a visual layout and calculates the cost of each component.

7. Purchase and Assembly: Once you’re satisfied with your PAX design, you can purchase the components directly from Ikea.

They will provide you with the necessary components, including frame sections, doors, interior fittings, and hardware.

Follow the assembly instructions provided by Ikea to put together your PAX wardrobe. It typically involves attaching the frame sections, installing the interior fittings, and attaching the doors.

8. Installation: Depending on your skill level and preference, you can install the wardrobe yourself or hire Ikea’s assembly service for professional installation.

Make sure to follow the installation instructions and secure the wardrobe to the wall for stability and safety.

Overall, Ikea PAX offers a flexible and customizable solution for creating a wardrobe tailored to your specific needs, style, and available space.

Is IKEA PAX Good Quality?

Is IKEA PAX Good Quality?

Yes, IKEA PAX is generally considered to be good quality. The PAX system is one of Ikea’s most popular lines of wardrobe and storage solutions.

It offers a wide range of customizable options, including different sizes, finishes, and interior fittings, allowing you to design a storage solution that fits your specific needs.

The quality of Ikea PAX is often praised for its durability and functionality. The frames are made of sturdy materials like particleboard and fiberboard, which provide stability and support.

The hinges and drawer mechanisms are designed to withstand regular use, and the overall construction is solid.

However, it’s worth noting that IKEA furniture is known for its assembly-required nature. The quality of the final product can also depend on how well it is assembled.

It’s essential to carefully follow the instructions during the assembly process to ensure a sturdy and durable result.


Do You Need to Attach IKEA Pax to Wall?

Yes, it is recommended to attach the Ikea Pax wardrobe to the wall for stability and safety reasons.

The Pax wardrobe systems are tall and can become top-heavy when filled with clothes and other items.

Attaching them to the wall helps prevent them from tipping over, especially in situations where there may be children or pets around.

Ikea provides instructions and hardware for wall anchoring with their Pax wardrobes. The specific anchoring method may vary depending on the type and size of the Pax system you have.

It is important to carefully follow the assembly instructions provided by Ikea to ensure proper installation and secure attachment to the wall.

If you are unsure about the installation process or have specific concerns regarding your situation, it is recommended to consult the assembly instructions or seek assistance from a professional to ensure the Pax wardrobe is safely and securely attached to the wall.

Can IKEA PAX Wardrobe Be Moved?

Can IKEA PAX Wardrobe Be Moved?

Yes, Ikea PAX wardrobes can be moved. However, moving them can be a bit complicated due to their size and construction.

Here are some things to consider when moving an Ikea PAX wardrobe:

1. Disassemble the Wardrobe: To make it easier to move, it’s recommended to disassemble the wardrobe. Follow the instructions provided by Ikea to take apart the wardrobe into its individual components.

2. Pack and Label Components: As you disassemble the wardrobe, carefully pack the screws, bolts, and other small parts in labeled bags or containers. This will make reassembly much easier later on.

3. Protect the components: Wrap the individual components, such as the shelves, doors, and sides, in blankets or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and damage during the move.

4. Move the pieces: Move the components of the wardrobe to the new location. If the wardrobe is too large or heavy to handle on your own, you may need assistance or professional movers to help you transport it safely.

5. Reassemble the wardrobe: Once you have moved the components to the new location, refer to the assembly instructions provided by Ikea to reassemble the PAX wardrobe.

Make sure to take your time and follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper reassembly.


To wrap it up, readers and users of the IKEA Pax Closet System need to as a matter of necessity learn that company has not discontinued the Pax wardrobe.

However, certain things must have changed in the production of the functional wardrobe solution in order to improve user experience.

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