What are the Budget-friendly Room Divider Options at IKEA?

Room divider ideas IKEA are creative partition concepts that are used to divide large spaces or create separate zones within a room without the need for permanent walls.

room divider ideas ikea

These room separators with modular designs are both functional and stylish and capable of transforming your space.

The affordable room separators at IKEA are:

1. Kallax Shelf Unit: The Kallax series includes versatile shelving units that can double as room dividers.

These units come in various sizes and colors, allowing you to create a custom divider to suit your space.

2. RISÖR Room Divider: The RISÖR is a classic folding room divider made of lightweight materials and a woven design.

It is an affordable option that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

3. VIDGA Room Divider: The VIDGA series offers a flexible and customizable room divider solution.

With different track lengths and panel options, you can create a sliding curtain system that perfectly suits your space and budget.

4. SÄLLSKAP Room Divider: This divider features a wooden frame with a textile panel, providing a natural and warm feel to your space without breaking the bank.

5. PAPYRUS Room Divider: The PAPYRUS panel curtain is a budget-friendly option for those seeking privacy without permanently dividing the space.

The semi-transparent material allows light to pass through while still creating a sense of separation.

6. IVAR Cabinet System: The IVAR series includes cabinets with doors that can be used as room dividers.

These cabinets offer storage space while also acting as a functional partitions.

7. Curtain Rods and Panels: IKEA offers a variety of curtain rods and panels that can easily be used as room dividers, giving you a cost-effective solution that can be changed or repositioned as needed.

With these budget-friendly options, IKEA provides several stylish and practical ways to divide your space without straining your wallet.


How to Partition Room with IKEA?

How to Partition Room with IKEA?

Partitioning a room with IKEA products can be a great way to create separate spaces and maximize the functionality of your living area.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to partition a room using IKEA products:

1. Measure and Plan

Start by measuring the dimensions of the room you want to partition. Consider the layout you want to achieve and how much space you’d like to allocate to each section.

Take note of any obstacles like windows, doors, or electrical outlets.

2. Choose IKEA Products

IKEA offers a variety of products that can be used for room partitioning. Some popular options include:

  • Bookshelves and Shelving Units: These can create a semi-open partition, allowing light to pass through while providing storage and display space.
  • Curtains and Room Dividers: IKEA has a range of curtains and room dividers that can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on tracks to create a temporary partition.
  • Sliding Doors and Panels: Sliding doors or panels can be used to separate spaces while providing the flexibility to open up the room when needed.

3. Create Zones

Determine the specific zones or areas you want to create in the room.

For example, you may want to separate a living area from a dining area or a workspace from a bedroom.

4. Assemble IKEA Products

Follow the assembly instructions provided by IKEA to put together your chosen products.

Make sure to secure them properly and ensure they are stable and safe.

5. Install Room Dividers or Curtains

If you’re using curtains or room dividers, install the necessary hardware, such as ceiling tracks or tension rods, and hang the curtains/room dividers to create the desired partitions.

6. Arrange Furniture

Once the physical partitions are in place, arrange your furniture within each zone to create a cohesive and functional space.

7. Accessorize and Decorate

Add finishing touches to each zone, such as rugs, wall art, and lighting, to create distinct atmospheres within each area.

5. Test and Adjust

Step back and evaluate the newly partitioned room. Make any necessary adjustments to the layout or decorations to achieve the desired look and functionality.

Remember to always follow the safety guidelines and installation instructions provided by IKEA for the specific products you use.

Additionally, ensure that any furniture or partitions you add to the room do not obstruct any critical pathways or violate building codes. Enjoy your newly partitioned space!


Can You Use IKEA Sliding Doors as Room Divider?

Can You Use IKEA Sliding Doors as Room Divider?

Yes, you can use IKEA sliding doors as functional divider solutions. IKEA offers a variety of sliding doors that are designed to be used as both wardrobe doors and room dividers.

These sliding doors are typically part of the PAX wardrobe system, which is customizable and allows you to create your own storage and room-dividing solutions.

Here’s how you can use IKEA sliding doors as room dividers:

1. Measure Your Space: Before purchasing the sliding doors, measure the area where you want to place the room divider to ensure that the doors will fit properly.

2. Choose the Sliding Doors: IKEA offers a range of sliding doors in different styles, colors, and materials. Pick the ones that match your room’s decor and personal preference.

3. Install the Track System: IKEA sliding doors come with a track system that allows the doors to glide smoothly.

Follow the installation instructions provided by IKEA to set up the track system securely.

4. Mount the Doors: Attach the sliding doors to the track system according to the instructions provided by IKEA. Make sure the doors are properly aligned and slide smoothly along the track.

5. Stabilize the Divider (Optional): Depending on the height and stability required, you may want to secure the top track to the ceiling or use floor brackets to keep the room divider in place.

Using IKEA sliding doors as room dividers can be a practical and stylish way to create separate spaces in open floor plans or to add some privacy to a room.

It’s also a cost-effective solution compared to building permanent walls or installing custom-made room dividers.

Is it Safe to Use IKEA KALLAX as Room Divider?

Is it Safe to Use IKEA KALLAX as Room Divider?

Yes, it is safe to use IKEA KALLAX as a room divider, as long as you follow the instructions for assembly and use.

The KALLAX is a sturdy piece of furniture that can support a lot of weight, and it is designed to be used as a bookcase or shelving unit.

However, if you are using the KALLAX as a room divider, you should anchor it to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

How Can I Make My IKEA Kallax Look Expensive?

To make your IKEA Kallax look expensive, upgrade its appearance and accessorize strategically.

Start by adding elegant details like gold or metallic accents to the edges or handles. Consider using a wood veneer or high-quality contact paper to give it a luxurious finish.

Incorporate stylish storage baskets or decorative boxes in premium materials like leather or faux fur. Use sleek and modern decor items to elevate the overall look.

Opt for sophisticated color schemes and avoid clutter to create a polished and upscale appearance.

Lastly, add personalized touches like framed artwork or a statement vase to make the Kallax stand out as a chic centerpiece in your space.


In conclusion, IKEA offers several budget-friendly room partition options that are practical and stylish.

From their versatile shelving units like the Kallax and Eket series to affordable folding screens and curtains, IKEA provides various choices to divide your space without breaking the bank.

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